Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Kind Apologies!

I apologize all the bloggers for violating copy write issues..
I'm a student with no kitchen available to cook and ultimately to take pictures of recipes..
I have all the recipes written in my diary while learning them from my mom and the only time I can try them on is when I go home..
I didn't mean to violate any rules nor I stole the pictures or contents from any other blog...
As I didn't have appropriate pictures for the recipes I put, I searched for the images on google.
I request all of you to not to conclude this as the act of stealing.
These recipes are actually prepared by my mother and not copied from anywhere else.
I especially apologize Bee, Pooja, Sia, Arundhati and Ranji for their comments. I also apologize to respective blogers the pictures belong to.
Henceforth, I'm going to put recipes without pictures as I don't have any means ..
Hope you would enjoy my blog!


Srivalli said...

thats very commendable of you! actually many don't realise or know about copy right issues. They think when is available for free, they can use it. But actually very few respond to such complaints and remove. So no worries!

lakshmi said...

Not being aware is understandable.

If you find images via google image search or other online sources, check if the image is available under creative commons license and if its available you can use it provided you attribute it properly

I believe there are still some photographs on your blog which you have perhaps got through Google Image Search. For example: the pathrade picture is from Recipe Junction, the Jackfruit picture in Jackfruit Balls is from Mathy's virundhu. I request you to take all pictures not taken by you down.

ranji said...

Thats really nice of u!!!Many people are not aware of copyright issues and so dont realise it.It is ok if u r not able to take pics now...u can always prepare them again and click it after u get settled.Best of luck on ur studies!!!

Asha said...

FF, glad you did react and took them down. New bloggers do not know the etiquette of blogging to begin with but as long as you learn and remedy quickly, it's all good sweetie!
I found my own photo staring at me in a new blogger'sblog too, but she took it off quickly which is great.We work hard to take photos, clean and post it, it's hard for us to see our hard work benefit others.
Follow Lakshmi's advice and yes, we forgive you. Hugs!:))

Pooja said...

I agree with Asha and Lakshmi. You did it in your Ignorance and that is totally forgivable.
keep continue sharing Mom's recipe if you wish , but do not end up with other's work. Thats it. Originality is always accepted and appreciated.
And as Lakshmi already said there are still some pics from other blog, kindly remove them too.
Take care .

Ashwini said...

FF I'd appreciate if you could remove the falooda photograph from your blog. The photo has been taken from my blog Food for Thought.

bee said...

thank you.

Sia said...

thank you.

Ashwini said...

I can see that my photograph is still there. Please remove the Falooda photograph that you have used from my blog.
I will have to flag off your site to google for plagiarizm.